Apocalypse Release Event

Apocalypse Release Event

This Saturday 6th July (10am to 2pm) we are going to be holding an Apocalypse Release Event in the store. 

Come on in to the store and see all the new Detachment Box Sets along with all the new accessories. 

Lets try out these New Apocalypse Rules and see how they stack up.

We are going to be hosting an Apocalypse Throw Down -- bring along a Detachment of any configuration and "Throw it Down" against one (or many) of the Store Detachments. 

Each day this week we are going to be revealing a new Store Detachment for you to either use or fight against.

We love Forgeworld models, we don't mind if its Painted or un-painted -- bring them all down and give them a try.

Ever wondered how an Imperial Titan would do against a horde of orks (oops giving it away there) -- well come on down and join in the mayhem.

The Datacards for all 40k units can be found here:-


Below are the current 40k Detachment configurations.



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