Momentous Moments in a Gamers Life

Momentous Moments in a Gamers Life

There are times in a gamer's life that are truly momentous and are worth recording for history.

 In this weeks Necromunda Game my Chaos Cultists Gang (The Children of the Warp) were taking part in a three way end of Expansion Phase (Level 42 - Law and Misrule Campaign) confrontation. My gang had done very well monetary wise in previous games so my three gang members were really tooled up and keen to try out some of their new toys. The two Warp Spawn really didn't care and only wanted get in close and smack heads.

The First two rounds were pretty uneventful - lots of moving and positioning with some long range pot shots being taken but no real action. Being the last game in the Expansion phase and the last chance to get unclaimed territories my opponents were very dour and taking it way too seriously. 

Beginning of round three my Witch with her 'Falsehood' now exhausted - found herself in a favourable but exposed position. Rather than fire up her Psyker Powers I decided to change tact and do something unexpected - release the Threadneedle Worms.

Now I have to point out that Threadneedle Worms are a one-time only bio-weapon costing a measly 45 credits. I purchased them as a bit of fun and was looking to bring a bit of humour and excitement into an otherwise dull game. 


 As you can see there is slim chance of loosing your own fighter, a very good chance that something interesting and a slim chance that something momentous will happen.

I declared what I was intending to and rolled a perfect SIX.

I was dumbfounded and both the opponents reached for their manuals to discover what the consequences were.

The next 10 minutes were purgatory for my opponents as they rolled the injury dice for each of their fighters.

It was actually quite hard to watch as each Serious Injury or Deaths Head symbol came up. The outcome for one opponent was 3 with serious injuries and 2 with flesh wounds and the other was a full house of serious injuries including their Caryatid.

My gang had managed in one single action to take out both gangs.

Come the end of the turn both gangs slid away into the darkness giving my gang the Victory.

Never in all my years of playing Necromunda have I come across an instance where a single action has caused an entire gang to become Seriously Injured - a truly Momentous Event.


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Just read this post and I confess I have never played Necromunda or anything 40k related , but after reading and looking at this battle report i had noticed you mentioned a word that i haven’t seen or spoken for a while " fun " yep that’s right , the concept that i strive for and always will , i might get a bit nerdy when i get im hobbying but after all is said and done " fun " is the key to any good game , but for quite a few its lost to them but to me " fun " will always be the key ………………….Even the great Lady O recognises fun once in a while !!

Mark Stanley

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