Games Workshop Pre-orders 28th Sept 2019

Games Workshop Pre-orders 28th Sept 2019

This Saturday @10am see some fantastic Pre-orders go live for Age of Sigmar.

As ever all our pre-orders will be at 25% of RRP.

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First up we have the much anticipated Cities of Sigmar Battletome and their corresponding Warscroll Cards

Bringing together the once disparate Aelves, Humans and Duardin into one combined Battletome with a unified set of Universal Allegiance Abilities and optional allegiance abilities that let you dedicate your army to your favourite city. Covering the 7 Great Cities of Hammerhal, The Living City, Greywater Fastness, The Phoenicium, Anvilguard, Hallowheart and Tempest's Eye.

Along with the Battletome and Warscroll Cards we have two new box sets available.

Next up we have ORRUK WARCLANS Battletome and their corresponding Warscroll Cards.

Bringing together the Bonesplitterz and Ironjawz factions and combines them together into a single unified ORK Force you know this is going to be great.

Included inside are powerful updated allegiance abilities for both and a third set of allegiance abilities for a Big Waaagh.

The Big Waaagh! is a new set of allegiance abilities allowing you to combine both Bonesplitterz and Ironjawz in an unstoppable horde, fired up with the devastating energies of the Waaagh! 

We also have a new Warhammer Age of Sigmar Gaming Book coming out.

Contained within are  the Core Rules, Pitched Battle rules, Realm of Battle rules also included are Artefacts and Spells of the Realms along with the Grand Alliance allegiance abilities and 31 Pitched Battle battleplans.


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