Stuck on this Emperor forsaken back-water of a planet babysitting some Tech Priests who's transport was broken.

Tezmolorra was bored - what good was a Nemesis Class Warbringer Titan with nothing to shoot. She was a God-Engine of the Imperium and would not go back to sleep until ensconced in her repair cradle back on-board the transport and safely underway to the next battle.

Even the bunch of pesky Knights stationed on this world could no longer provide any entertainment, them with their big ideas - they weren't even proper Titans.

Incoming xenos warp signatures might prove a mild distraction or hopefully something more.

Tesmolorra = 160 points

To Operate as a singular Lord of War - Tezmolorra is placed as part of a Supreme Command Detachment - which is ok as she carries three Tech-Priest Enginseers for a repair role each turn. 


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