The Styx Boys

The Styx Boys

Made up of the First Sons of the Industrial World Aelstra, each pilots a Knight which has been in their ruling families for millennia.

Full of self-confidence and arrogance they have led a charmed life ranging across the once verdant plains of their home world playing at lording it over the workers.

They had convinced their fathers to get some Tech-Priests from the local Forge World to come and repair the planetary ground defences - in reality this was to repair and outfit the boys Knights. Credits still talked when you need things getting done.

Now that the Tech-Priests Transport had developed some flight issues they had managed to convince them that their Knights needed a new paint job, the old colours were stripped away and a new base coat applied - now just awaiting the new colour scheme.

The Tech-Priests Transports flight issues were in no way linked to one of the boys Knights walking into the engine cowling.

The Styx Boys were a little miffed though as the Tech-Priests had brought with them a Nemesis Class Warbringer Titan making it look like the planets defences (the boys Knights) were inadequate to the job of keeping them safe. The boys had spent some time taunting the Titan but had given up when an accidental sidestep by the Titan had knocked one of their newly refurbished Knights down a vent shaft - which was the catalyst for the boys Knights needing a new paint job.

With a new paint job The Styx Boys would be invincible.

 They will be operating as a Super-heavy Detachment - Points total = 87

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