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Sorcerer Kings Rakshasa Ravanar with Hindu Fork

Sorcerer Kings Rakshasa Ravanar with Hindu Fork

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In Game Role

●    Battlefield Role: Anti-Monster
●    Class: Heavy
●    Type: Monster



While the corruption of the Elemental Domains was eventually understood, the existence of the Asuras has never been explained. Violent, malicious and powerful, the effort needed to defeat and bind one of these monstrosities is exceeded only by their effectiveness on the battlefield. The Sorcerer Kings have found it easier to control these beasts if their bloodthirsty urges are satiated on the battlefield: the Ravanar look only to destroy while the Bakasura seek worth foes to hunt down and consume. Their binders travel the length and breadth of the Sorcerer King domains to find worthy foes for these minor deities, and while few are worthy, but all serve to satiate their hunger for pain and bloodshed.

How they Play:

Ravenous beings of Fire, the Rakshasa's are unleashed upon the Enemies of the Sorcerer Kings to hunt down and slay the mightiest of foes. Their Special Rules, "Arrogance" and "Hubris" allows them to quickly close the gap between them and their favorite prey. The Ravanar is only satiated by hunting down the mightiest of Monsters whilst the Basakura revels in calling out Enemy Characters in Duels only to destroy and humiliate them. Make sure to include a Rakshasa Ravanar in your Army when Enemy Monsters are attempting to overwhelm you and a Raksasa Basakura for those Enemy Characters who thought that Dueling against the Sorcerer Kings would be a simple ordeal.

WARNING: Not suitable for children under 36 months. Small parts. Essential pointed components.